March 11, 2021: Long Live Rock…Celebrate The Chaos

Long Live Rock…Celebrate The Chaos

Maybe I’m slightly partial. Having attended all the years of Rock on the Range, yes, even 2007, I fully understand the experience and feeling they were trying to convey of going to these festivals year after year. Man, what a great doc.

There were so many times when I saw footage from Columbus and I was like, I saw that performance, and that one and that one. I have seen SO many great performances at ROTR over the years! It was also cool to see the backstory on the girl in the wheelchair. A person I saw firsthand many times. Seeing those wheels float above the crowd was awesome, every damn time.

The interview footage with fans and bands, along with professionals gave some cool perspective. Including the footage on how integral Security and their plan of action was to the safety of the fans. The doc also has footage from a few other DWP fests. It also touched on the loss of Chris and Chester along with drug and alcohol addiction.

Watching the post show, the director mentioned this film idea came after he found out Metallica were going to play ROTR, which was 2017. Lzzy Hale, Jacoby Shaddix and Myles Kennedy were also part of it, hosted by Eddie Trunk, with Gary Spivack. It was cool to hear everyone’s take on the movie, the fans, live shows, dealing with the pandemic, etc. Oh and Halestorm covered The Who’s, Long Live Rock, which is the main theme song. Check it out.

If you didn’t already know, Halestorm and Papa Roach are working on new albums and the Myles Kennedy solo album will be out in May.

I’ve used this line many times before, but it is so true… Long Live Rock! See this movie!

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