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One of my biggest hobbies is going to concerts. I went to my first concert in April 1986 and as of July 2022, I have been to 1,093 shows!!! (This was my 1000th show.) Seeing my favorite bands live is truly a high in itself. There is nothing like feeling the vibe the band projects onto the crowd or the most exciting part of a live show, hearing my all time favorite songs Live and Loud! The energy from a concert is one of the greatest experiences a person can have. Funny enough, it was February 26, 2016 when I had my first out of body experience at a show. More on that another time.

You might notice, over the last 15+ years, compared to prior years, I have gone to see an outrageous number of bands. Well, outrageous by whose standards? I cannot see enough live shows and it has been scientifically proven that a person can become addicted to concerts. Trust me, it’s the adrenaline rush and I have actually experienced concert withdrawals. However, attending shows is also a great way to show support for the bands I love. After all, if no one is going to see the bands, the bands will eventually stop touring. Believe it because has happened. I’ve noticed it more and more in the past five to ten years.

Another favorite part of the live show is being near the stage. Seeing a show up close vs towards the back of the venue is totally different; up close makes you feel even more a part of the entire experience. Not only do you get a better view of the band to see how they perform, you get a better view of an amazing guitar solo or those little moments that take place between band members in a blink of an eye. Plus it doesn’t hurt to be within throwing distance of a guitar pick or drum stick.

Whenever possible, I love to take pictures of the actual show capturing the moment forever. Call it luck or what have you, but I’ve ended up with some pretty darn good shots; both with a point and shoot and a DSLR! Back in 2012 I had the opportunity to start shooting bands professionally. Talk about a dream come true. It has been an amazing experience to be able to capture many moments with my camera, not to mention document the shows with my own words. Add to that the number of interviews I’ve conducted and a hell of a lot of other cool experiences, and I can honestly say it’s been one hell of a ride!

Starting in 1998, due to a good friend of mine and continuing through to this day, often times due to being in the right place at the right time, I have been able to meet quite a few of my favorite bands.  Everyone I have ever met has been totally cool and the experiences are something I won’t forget.

Road trips are another musical adventure I love! I have met some really great people and have had some of the best times on road trips to see bands. Even when my friends and I have gotten lost, more than once, going to and coming back from the venue. Ah yes, we’re talking way before GPS, and going back to my lack of direction before the internet was a thing. But even after that, relying on MapQuest directions was risky “turn left on local road.” I have gotten a lot better, but how many times do you think a person can pass the Hormel Chili Plant in their lifetime? Current record stands at 4 or 5. Oh and don’t even try to make a left hand turn in San Francisco! All part of the adventure, right? It’s also fun meeting up with other people who share the same enthusiasm for bands.

Check out my list of shows over the years along with various pictures, reviews and interviews under Concerts in the menu above…pick a year!

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