Band Interaction

Since 1998 I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting some of my favorite bands or at least a band member or two. Most of the time it was at a concert but other times it happened to be an in-store of some sort.

I decided to add all the non-concert meetings here. As for the others, well, they are scattered about in all my various concert date links.

Ozzy Osbourne: Down to Earth CD Signing October 2001, Ozzy Osbourne I Am Ozzy Book Signing January 2010

Rob Zombie, Tempesta, Blasko and Riggs: The Sinister Urge CD Signing December 2001

Nikki Sixx: Tattoo the Earth JVC Signing August 2002

Tommy LeeTommyland Book Signing October 2004

John Corabi: Gibson Guitar Clinic September 2008

Kat von DThe Tattoo Chronicles Book Signing November 2010 (ok, she’s not a rockstar, but she ROCKS!)

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