It’s All About the Music


For as long as I can remember, music has always been a huge part of my life. Whether I’m listening to it, buying it or watching it, a day doesn’t go by that I’m not rockin’ out or groovin’ to something.

With a CD collection at over 1,500, (my final vinyl count is still pending but is easily 500+) my musical interests are all over the board. Everything from all forms of Rock to Rap and Pop to R&B and Blues to Country and Oldies. However, Rock ‘N’ Roll is at the center of it all. There are three bands I consider my all time faves but to be honest, there are so many bands that I love for different reasons.

An awesome added bonus to being a fan of music is going to concerts. I have truly become an addict of the live show. Because of that, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of my favorite bands, or a band member or two. Prior to Dec 2010, there was only one musician left on my “want to meet before I die” list. My chance finally came and it didn’t go like I had hoped. At all. Part of me knew it would go down like that too! Oh well. I will say, I hoped for a “next time” and My Dream FINALLY Came True!

Check out some of my favorite musicians and see whom I have met under BANDS in the menu above.

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