Once upon a time, I owned a point and shoot camera that used 35mm film. I think it was sometime around 1996 (don’t hold me to that though), that I first started taking my camera to concerts. At the majority of the shows I was far away from the stage, so the photos weren’t all that great. In 1998, I started going to more general admission shows where I ended up closer to the stage. It didn’t take long before my love of live band photography started to develop. HA! No pun intended. At the start of 2007, I finally joined the digital age with the purchase of my first digital point and shoot camera. After learning the ins and outs of a totally new format, I got pretty damn good at using it. Needless to say, my love for taking photos at live shows grew massively. Then, due to some unexpected circumstances, I bought my first DSLR in April 2012. That really stepped up my photo game, but that’s a story for another post. Below are some of my fave point and shoot (35mm film and digital) shots over the years!


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