Updates: Misc Thoughts 2002

November 20, 2002
WOW! I’ve been a little behind with the site. Let’s see what’s been going on. Halloween was a smashing success! I came in 1st place for the Costume Contest at work. WOOHOO I also had a lot of fun scaring the kiddies on Halloween. Every year the outside of the house is set up with signs, scary music playing and of course, hubby dresses up to give out the candy. Check out our Halloween costume pics here. Hubby wore the large troll mask my son is wearing in the pics to hand out candy. He stood perfectly still until the right moment! hahaha

Who loves “New Music Tuesday’s?” I know I do. There is nothing like opening a new CD for the first time. You never know what you will get out of it.

For what seems like forever now I have been waiting for the release from Audioslave. (Chris Cornell/Rage). I also found out the new Matchbox Twenty CD was also released the same day. Both CDs are EXCELLENT! I can’t stop listening to either. First and foremost though the music draws me into the whole listening experience. There is definitely some AWESOME music on both of these CDs. When the lyrics and vocals are taken into consideration, well, these songs are absolutely amazing. Check em out for yourself.


September 11, 2002
I’m having a hard time believing that a WHOLE YEAR has passed since the horrible tradgedy that happened one year ago today.

When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t sure how I would react to this day. After listening to various radio stations, while on my way to work, telling about various memorials that had already taken place, hearing recordings of actual accounts from one year ago, and people calling in to tell their stories, I couldn’t help but cry all the way into work.

My son’s school and my company both took time to “remember” today.

While driving around this morning and after work, I saw many “signs” and flags at half mast. I took a lot of pictures today and will add them to my site as soon as possible. It’s great to see so many businesses and even people with flags on their cars, remembering what happened.

To those who lost friends and family, my thoughts are with you.

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