Slash’s Snakepit at Summerfest in Milwaukee WI July 2, 2001

Slash’s Snakepit
The Eddie Butts Band, 7th Heaven
Summerfest Ground Stages ~ Milwaukee, WI
July 2, 2001

Today was my friend Kim’s b-day and we celebrated at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI with her friend Pam and a couple of great bands. 7th Heaven was the first band we saw and they played two great sets and the crowd was totally into them.

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We walked to a different stage and saw The Eddie Butts Band. Eddie played drums and sang R&B/Motown covers. We saw his first set then headed over to the stage where Slash’s Snakepit was going to play. We had to get a front row bench. Mission accomplished.

After we were situated, I left to go look at merch. There was a sign at the table that mentioned a meet and greet after the show! OMG!! I had a chance to meet Slash and the rest of the Snakepit! I bought their program and went to tell Kim and Pam about the chance to meet the band. (For the hell of it, I brought the CD insert from their most recent album, Ain’t Life Grand, with me from home. I hoped to get that signed too.)

We suffered through some band until 8pm and I believe Slash’s Snakepit hit the stage around 9pm. I was standing on the first bleacher (as one does at Summerfest) on the right side, camera in hand, ready to be blown away! It was crazy! The band was just amazing and so full of energy!! Rod even dedicated a song to their “good friend” Matt Sorum, who was standing side stage. (He was drumming for The Cult who were playing Summerfest the next night.)

At one point during the show, I lost my balance and fell off the bleacher. Luckily I wasn’t hurt. (Later on that night, I noticed I had ripped a hole in leg on the back of my pants! oops.) The band played for over an hour. As soon as their encore ended I tried my best to politely push my way through the very tight crowd to the merch table. There were quite a few people in front of us, but I had hope. One person had about 1,000 friends (ok fine, about 7) cut in line in front of us! AAAHH!!

We only had to wait about 20 minutes before the band came out. I couldn’t believe it, I was about to meet Slash! I have been a Guns N’ Roses fan since their first album and of course, I was about to meet the rest of the Snakepit! As we were waiting, a security guard placed a girl in front of us. He said, “She’s not cutting, I’m just making her stand here.” Well, we asked her why and she finally told us…SHE WAS THE CUT OFF!!!!!!!! WHAT?!?! NO WAY!!

We begged her to let us stand in front of her. Eventually she moved out of line and we got as close to the table as we could. There was no way we were missing out! At one point I noticed the security guard looking for his “line-marker” and I immediately looked away.

Luckily, my friends and I were able to meet the band, have our stuff signed and take pictures. They were all very nice. As we were standing off to the side, Matt Sorum walked up near the merch tent. You know I had to meet him! I practically dragged Kim with me and had her take my picture with him. He was also very nice. Between the rain and being sunburned I look like crap, but oh well. It’s always a great opportunity to meet bands you really like!

Slash’s Snakepit is:
Slash – Guitar
Rod Jackson – Lead vocals
Johnny “Blackout” Griparic – Bass/Backing vocals
Keri Kelli – Guitar/Backing vocals
Matt Laug – Drums

Check out for the set list

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