May 8, 2015: Royal Bliss at Palomino Club in Spokane, WA

May 8, 2015
Royal Bliss
Palomino Club – Spokane WA

Royal Bliss played Palomino Club in Spokane, WA and I was lucky enough to be there. Hell, being able to tag along for three of their shows was a true experience. Not only was I able to take photos and interview the guys in the band for Moments In Sound, I was able to see first hand what the band goes through getting to and setting up at the venue, performing, interacting with fans, tearing down, and getting to the next venue. I definitely had a new found appreciation for their touring life.

This was also the second of three dates I was tagging along with them. While they were doing load in, I stopped to make some notes and I honestly couldn’t remember what day of the week it was.

After soundcheck, Taylor and I found a place upstairs to start the interview but soundcheck by one of the opening bands had us move to the RB van…with the AC running.

The show itself was pretty damn awesome. Sean didn’t play at this show due to previous plans, but tons of fave songs were played.

During the show, Neal gave me a very nice shout out and also joked about while traveling in the van, I kept talking about the mountains, clouds and elk. haha What? It’s very pretty out West!

All in all, I was super grateful for the opportunity.


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