October 2, 2017 (part 2): Life is Short, People

Man alive.

Waking up to the news of the Las Vegas concert tragedy that took place last night and later hearing about Tom Petty having a heart attack and being in critical condition, (followed later in the evening by the official confirmation of his passing), I keep going back to my own thoughts on always trying to live life to the fullest. Not only because tomorrow is never promised, but from a musical standpoint, you never know when something will happen with your favorite band(s)/musician(s). Whether it’s due to loss of life, a break-up, choosing another career path, etc., you just never know.

As for another devastation at a concert, and I’m going to get real here, back when The Station nightclub fire happened in 2003, I pretty much came to terms with how I will probably go out. At a concert. Morbid as that sounds, due to the sheer number of concerts I have attended over the years, the likelihood is very possible. While I can’t even imagine being in that type of situation, let alone how I would handle it (no one really knows until they are face to face with it), has it stopped me from going to see bands? HELL NO! Whether it’s a small, medium or large venue or a festival, I continue to go see bands because of my love of music and that whole thing about living life to the fullest. For me, being at a concert is the happiest place on Earth.

Bottom line, with each negative concert incident, it doesn’t deter me from continuing to take part in something that is a very large part of my life. Life is Short, People. Shit can happen anywhere, at any time, in any place. Strictly speaking about the music…Don’t wait and say, “I’ll catch them the next time around.” There may not be a next time. Buy the tickets. Go see your favorite band(s). Live life to the fullest. In my opinion, life is best lived with no regrets.

From Tom Petty’s I Wont Back Down: No, I’ll stand my ground, Won’t be turned around, And I’ll keep this world from draggin’ me down, Gonna stand my ground, And I won’t back down

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