August 3, 2002: I Met Nikki Sixx

August 3, 2002
Tattoo The Earth

Allstate Arena – Rosemont, IL

A week before this event I heard a commercial on the radio for something called Tattoo the Earth. I have always loved tattoos (just not on me-haha) and since Hubby had been thinking about getting one I figured it might help him make up his mind.

I checked out the website and what did I find under the list of events?? SPECIAL GUEST: NIKKI SIXX. OMG! I couldn’t believe it. After all these years, I possibly had a chance to meet Nikki Sixx!

My friends and their friends and I all met at Allstate. (7 of us). They sat around and talked while I walked around. Every tattoo artist had books filled with photos of tattoos they had done. There are some pretty amazing tattoos out there. One artist’s photos were nothing but FULL body tattoos. Insane I tell ya!

I was really interested in seeing what was called the Art Fusion Experiment. Six artists, 6 blank canvases and charcoal. For two hours each person would draw whatever they wanted for 5 minutes and then move to the right. Draw for another 5 minutes then move to the right. I watched this for 30 minutes before I had to get in line to meet Nikki. It was amazing how each picture took on a life of it’s own.

tattooearth-016tattooearth-007 tattooearth-001 tattooearth-002 tattooearth-003 tattooearth-004 tattooearth-005tattooearth-006

At 2:40 I left to get in line with my friends. At 2:55 someone in charge told us we had to move and sit in the stationary seats in the venue. He told us we would be called 5 at a time and he guaranteed we would all meet Nikki. I was thinking, “I HAD BETTER!!” haha Everyone started filing into the seats. We ended up sitting at the beginning of the second row. We thought this would be to our advantage but soon found out we were now farther back in the line.

While we were waiting, I tried really hard not to think about what was about to happen but eventually the reality hit me. Although, I wasn’t as nervous as when I met James Hetfield two year ago and he is #1 on my “list”!

My friend Charlene asked me what I was going to tell Nikki. I couldn’t really think of anything other than I knew I wanted to shake his hand and tell him how long I had been a Crue fan. She told me I should tell him about my “list”. Great idea!

It was finally our turn to start the walk from the seats to the JVC booth. I was first in line of the 5 of us. (The guys stood near the table instead of in line with us). I asked Charlene if she wanted to go first and she said no. (she had met him 3 times before so I figured she would want to go first.) I told her she would have to take the picture for me. She commented on shaky hands so my camera went to Flynn.

The people in front of me were now gone and it was my turn. OMG!!!! I walked up to him, asked to shake his hand and then told him I had been a Crue fan since “Shout”. Then it started…the words were coming out of my mouth all jumbled! (haha). I told him my friend Cherie, (I pointed to her) told me that I should tell you this so I am. You are number 2 on my list of people I really, really want to meet. A guy sitting next to Nikki said “You have a list?” I replied with “Not an actual list, it’s in my head.” Nikki asked me who else was on the list. I told him James Hetfield was #1 and I met him two years ago. He commented that he was a nice guy and I said very nice. I then told him Chris Robinson from The Black Crowes was #3. Nikki commented (and I’m almost positive this is the town he mentioned) for me to not hang out in Malibu Beach because Chris was there all the time.

I had brought my copy of The Dirt for Nikki to sign. I opened the book to the page I had marked and he started to sign the blank paper marker. I nicely said “No no, sign here.” and pointed to the group picture at the front of the book. He asked how to spell my name, wrote it, signed his name and drew a heart.

After he signed the book, I then stumbled over my words again as I asked him for a favor. I asked if he would sign something else for my Aunt’s friend. He said sure, asked for the name (Matt) and signed a JVC promo picture he had sitting there. I then very politely asked, “Can I snag one of those for myself?” He said yes and signed it “Thank You For Being There…”. I said “Thank you again, so much.” and he shook my hand.” I smiled for the camera and got out of line.

**Two days later my Aunt sent me an email containing pictures of her friend, Matt, who at the last minute found out about the convention and took his Blackbird bass to be signed on Sunday. I figured the photo wouldn’t mean as much to him but she told me he was happy to have it.**

Nikki’s 57 Chevy was also in the JVC Booth area. Charlene had planned on asking Nikki if he would take a picture with her by the car. She told me his response was “I cant promise anything.” I waited for my other friends to meet him before I ran over to see the finished drawings of the Art Fusion Experiment.

tattooearth-008signeddirt signedjvcnikkimenikki-001charnikki-001kimnikki-001christynikki-001

mattnikki-001 tattooearth-009 tattooearth-010

It was 4:10 when I went back to see the completed works of art. MAN were they awesome! Of the 6, I liked them all except the one with the woman’s face. I took pics of the art and walked back to my friends.

Nikki was still meeting people even though the M&G was supposed to end at 4pm. It was around 4:30 before the end of the line was visible. Charlene commented that it might be easier to get a group shot with Nikki by the car. Then she told me to ask him. I said “You asked him in line, you ask him.” She wouldn’t do it! Haha While he was getting his things together I said out loud to my friends “Fuck it! I’ll ask.” Since Nikki had to walk right past us I had a chance. The worst he could say was no, right? As he walked out from behind the table I said “Nikki. I know you said you couldn’t promise anything, but would you take a quick group picture over by your car?” He said “Yes”. WOOHOO!! We all gathered in front of the car. Flynn took a picture with Wendy’s camera first and then with mine. We said thanks and he was gone. HOW COOL WAS THAT?!

Charlene, Flynn and Wendy left and Kim and Christy headed to Chili’s. Hubby and I were going to meet them there but started looking around some more and ended up staying for another 45 minutes. Oops.

The tattoo convention was very interesting and of course totally cool because it gave me a chance to meet Nikki Sixx.

To be honest, I still can’t believe I met him. Even when I look at the pictures, it still seems unreal. Thanks so much to Nikki for taking the time to meet with fans!

tattooearth-011usnikki-002 tattooearth-013a tattooearth-013btattooearth-014a tattooearth-014btattooearth-015a

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