Updates: Misc Thoughts 2004

April 13, 2004
Two things today:

If you are against what the FCC is trying to do, sign the petition. Don’t forget to tell your friends.

Also, a very creative friend of mine has started drawing and writing a comic strip based on growing up in a small town in PA. It’s pretty funny, not to mention so darn creative! Where does he come up with these ideas? Either way, if you wouldn’t mind, please check it out. Thank you and please drive through.


March 28, 2004
Well, I finally got around to updating the BANDS section of my site. I felt it was in need of a change. If you have the time, check out my favorite parts of the bands I love. I’ve also updated my Concert schedule for 2004. I hope to have some pics from some of the shows up soon. This year has gotten off to a slow start but more and more dates are being released. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Over the past few weeks I’ve had Metallica on the brain. So what’s new right? I’m literally addicted to Met On Tour. Go there and you can be too! hehe While on their North American tour they are pulling out some “old gems” along with the chance to download the entire show (for a small fee at www.livemetallica.com)

So, can you say “Dyers Eve played for the first time ever!!!” I burned that show to a CD and cant stop listening. Can you also say “Jump in the Fire!” Why that hasn’t been played in 20 years!!

I’ve also been listening to my other bootlegs and or live CDs. I’m trying to control my excitment over seeing them but it isn’t working very well. I’m also trying very hard to patiently (yeah right!) wait for August to roll around. Not only is that my birthday month, but I will be at two Metallica shows with the possiblilty of 2 more. (I’m looking to Road Trip to St. Louis) If only they would annouce more dates already! In August, Metallica is also releasing a new book So What! The Good, The Mad and The Ugly. Happy Birthday to me!

In other news…my camera died a couple weeks ago 🙁 It truely was a sad day since I don’t go anywhere without it. I believe I literally wore it out. Anyone who knows me knows how many pictures I take! Heck, the lady at the place where I get my film developed knows me by name! She even noticed the quality of my concerts pics were not what they normally are after she developed a roll I used in my hubby’s camera! Crazy I tell ya! A few days ago I bought a new one. Another Canon SureShot, Model Z155. So far I love it and I can’t wait to take concert pics with it! In fact, that will be in a few days. 🙂


January 27, 2004
Well now…it has been a pretty darn long time since I made any updates. What finally sat me down to write this update you may ask? Well, last week, both Ray Rayner and Captain Kangaroo died. What are the odds that they would die in the same week? These are two shows I remember watching during the mid to late seventies/early 80’s.

This past Sunday I happened to be listening to a talk radio show. They were having a “Tribute to Ray Rayner” segment. People were asked to call in and share their memories. Listening to people call in helped to trigger my own memories of the show…”Reminder notes” pined to Ray Rayner’s outfit, Cuddly Dudley, the crazy duck, the cartoons, etc.

After a little searching of the internet, I even found the Cuddly Dudley song..

We’re off to Cuddly Duddly’s house,
He’s cute as we can see
With his fur of gold and his nose that’s cold
He’s cuddly as can be,
He has riddles and jokes but the fun that he pokes
Is never aimed at me
Here’s the place that he lives and
The name that he gives is Cuddly

Another caller commented on his negative encounter with the show…feeling he was the only kid who DID NOT hear his school listed as being closed for the day. I too remember watching and waiting and hoping to hear my school district announced which meant a snow day, which meant NO SCHOOL! YEAH!

If you’d like to take a trip down Ray Rayner Memory Lane or check out what I’m talking about, I found this website.

Another person to call in and tell their memories of Ray Rayner was Rich Koz…none other than the Son of Svengoolie. Who remembers watching this show on “Channel 32”? I read somewhere that a horror channel was being created. I sure as hell hope so and that a lot of the old original horror movies will be aired on there. I found quite a bit of info about the whole Svengoolie thing here.

And last but not least, who remembers Captain Kangaroo? Granted, I don’t remember watching this show religiously, but I do recall watching it some of the time. You know, it’s kind of sad when the hosts of childhood shows pass on. It makes me feel old.

And while we are on the subject of shows I watched while growing up…I recall waking up very early on weekend mornings to watch Gigglesnort Hotel. Do you remember this show? Probably not, because I keep finding out that very few people remember it. Aside from a couple of people who are at least my age or a little older, no one else has heard of it. When I asked a friend at work if she remembered the show, she looked at me funny. After I gave her some details and showed her some pictures I found on the internet she started to remember. She also commented that it brought back repressed fears. haha I remember the dragon and the blob being my favorite characters.

You can read more about this show here.

Oh and could someone please tell me where 2003 went? It seems to have gone by WAY too fast. Until next time…

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