Updates: Misc Thoughts 2003

August 1 , 2003
WOW!! It’s now August 1st. Where in the WORLD does all the time go!? I bet there is a time troll. He sits around and waits until you are sleeping and then steals days from you.

Anyway…since my last major update in May it has been pretty much Metallica on the Brain 24/7. If you don’t believe me, just ask my family and friends. I’ve even talked about the band so much that I caused my friend at work to have a dream about them! haha Talk about an influence. In her dream, she met them but admitted that she wasn’t a fan. She kept telling Lars how she HAD to get a picture of them to prove to me she had seen them! She also kept going on and on about how much I loved them. Lars kept asking her “So, why don’t you like Metallica?” She did tell him he was cool for wearing clogs! hahahaha Another friend commented to me that she doesn’t love any one thing as much as I love Metallica. Hey, what can I say? I LOVE METALLICA!

Since May 19th I have seen Metallica 4 times. The most recent being July 26 and 27th. Back to back shows in Chicago and Minneapolis. My friend Kim had never been on a road trip until the 7-27 show so we planned that before the Chicago show was even announced. When we found out the Chicago date was the day before, we didn’t let that stop us! Besides, how in the world could we miss seeing Metallica in our own city!! It was a long weekend but MAN did it ROCK! I’m still working on the write up. I’m kind of bummed that a lot of my pictures didn’t turn out. Oh well. One of these days I WILL get some AWESOME pics of Metallica! Until then…on I burn.


July 17, 2003
Just a quick update. Since April, 2003, I started keeping track of personalized license plates. Well, the first installment was 603 plates. I have just added another bunch and the total is now at almost 1,000. Who would have believed this would become so HUGE!


May 11, 2003
WOW! I don’t even know where to start! So much has happened in the last few days that my head is STILL spinning with excitement! Ok, let me back up. Remember that Metallica contest I entered? Well, I didn’t win. BUT…my friend Kim and I both entered another Metallica contest and we found out this past Wed that we BOTH were picked to go to TWO of the FOUR rehearsal shows THIS MONTH IN SAN FRANCISCO, CA!! (You can ONLY win tickets to these shows through the Metallica Club or through local radio stations.)


My friend Kim and I have since booked our flight, hotel and rental car. We have made plans to visit Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, The Golden Gate Bridge/Park, Haight-Ashbury, Chinatown, etc, etc, etc. I really hope we can fit it all in. One week from tomorrow we will be in San Fran having the time of our lives! I SO CAN’T WAIT!

In other news… a month ago today, I saw Rob’s movie House of 1000 Corpses and MAN was it GREAT! The “family” was psycho, Baby’s laugh was psychotic and there was lots of humor, gore, etc, etc. I loved all the different camera angles and effects too. I can’t wait for the uncut DVD, which should be out around Halloween 2003, so I can see just what Rob had to edit out.

Alrighty, I’m off to finalize my trip to San Francisco. Oh boy what a TREAT it will be! hehe


April 6, 2003
Well this year is just FLYING by with no intention of slowing down. Aside from normal every day life (family, work, cleaning house) I’ve been to 13 shows, one weekend road trip and it looks like the future is still waiting for me to do some more living.

Next Friday, April 11th, will bring Rob Zombie’s new movie House of 1000 Corpses. ::fingers crossed:: it will be playing at a theater near me. I’ve been waiting for this movie to be released since the fall of the Roman Empire, I mean, since the Fall of 2000, so it had better be! haha

I have also entered into a drawing to be able to attend the MTV Icon Award show in May. The honored guests? METALLICA BABY!! My friend Kim has also entered so if either of us wins, we’re heading back out to CA!

I’ve also recently, more or less, finished “decorating” the walls of my computer room with tons of music memorabilia, posters, etc. Pics coming soon.

Not too many CD purchases lately. However, I did a final count on my CD collection and it is just 1 CD short of 800! YIKES! Is that too many?? haha

I have added pics for two shows I’ve been to this year: Hookah Brown (Rich Robinson-Black Crowes) and Jackyl. I have pics from a couple other shows I was at this year but man, it takes time to create the pages. In time I guess…

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