October 31, 2004: Tommy Lee Book Signing in Oakbrook, IL

Tommy Lee
Tommyland Book Signing
Barnes and Noble – Oakbrook, IL
October 31, 2004

Tommy thanks us all for coming

tlee-002My friend Jen immediately went to her tattoo artist to have Tommy’s signature added permanently to her ankle

Tommy en route to give Jen’s sister Jess

Tommy and Vince from “back in the day”

My friend Jess meeting Tommy for the first time

Signing Jess’ copy of Tommyland

Tommy and Jess

MY TURN!!! First time meeting TOMMY LEE!!! 🙂
(I had him sign my copy of The Dirt)
*side note: I would just like to thank the Barnes and Noble employee for taking such cool pics of me with Tommy

I showed Tommy a pic I took of Motley back in 1998. He thought it was very cool. Notice his smile in the picture.

Motley Crue ~ 1998. He asked me if I wanted him to sign it and I replied with “If you want to” so he did.

Tommy signing my copy of Tommyland

Looking back at this picture it cracks me up that I’m leaning on the table the way I am watching him sign his book. 🙂 I mean, our heads are almost touching! haha I was also talking to him about the book. About how I had only read about halfway through before the book signing but that I really liked what I had read so far. Especially the parts where “you know” had comments. (As I said this I cocked my head to the side, raised my eyebrows and looked down in the general area that “you know” was if the table hadn’t been there. I still can’t believe I said/did that. He just laughed.) Overall I can’t stress enough how nice he was and grateful to be meeting with the fans. Definitely a VERY cool experience!

Tommy and Me

Signed page from The Dirt

Signed page from Tommyland

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