Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights March 24 2011

Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights
House of Blues Back Porch ~ Chicago, IL
March 24, 2011


I originally heard about the band from a friend and I quickly bought their album, Pardon Me. Same friend also turned me on to this show. My first time seeing JTNL was amazing! The band put so much passion into their performance. After hearing the songs live, I was definitely hooked on their live set! The photos below paint a pretty good picture of the night. Oh and all of Jonathan’s many facial expressions reminded me of Ian Moore. I love a singer/guitar player that fully embodies their playing. Jonathan also played harmonica on their cover of Led Zeppelin’s Bring It On Home. I met the band afterwards and everyone was super nice. I see many more shows in my future.

My fave song from Pardon Me…Devil’s Basement


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