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December 5, 2015

Buckcherry Weekend #2


December 4, 2015

I found out about the passing of Scott Weiland around 12:30am Dec 4 while I was still at the Majestic Theater in Madison, WI for a Buckcherry show on Dec 3. While I was surprised to see the post online, I wasn’t surprised. Which is sad. I have been a fan of STP since their first album and continued to be for years to come. There is no denying the talent, the charisma and the sheer hold Scott had over people with both his singing and his stage presence. Hell, I remember The Vic show back in 2012. Scott was WELL over an hour late getting to the stage. The crowd had been booing and yelling out bad things prior to the band taking the stage. However, once the music started, Scott was “on” and he had every last one of those people eating out of his hands. (Okay, maybe not everyone, but based on what I was watching, it was everyone.) The man had a power about him and for that, I am sad is now gone.

I was fortunate enough to see STP a few times over the years. Due to timing, even though their first album is what caught me, I wouldn’t see them live until 1996. I also saw a handful of Velvet Revolver shows. Here’s my show list with Scott on vocals.

*12/12/96 Stone Temple Pilots with Local H opening at Rosemont Horizon, in Rosemont, IL
*10/9/00 Stone Temple Pilots with a little band called Disturbed opening at Milwaukee Auditorium in Milwaukee, WI
*10/1/02 Stone Temple Pilots at Riviera Theater in Chicago, IL
*5/19/04 Velvet Revolver with Silvertide opening at Riviera Theater in Chicago, IL
*8/13/05 Velvet Revolver with Chevelle opening at Tweeter Center in Tinley Park, IL
*5/10/07 Velvet Revolver at Riviera in Chicago, IL
*5/19/07 Velvet Revolver played the very first Rock on the Range at Crew Stadium in Columbus, OH (all bands on the bill: headliner ZZ Top, Evanesence, Velvet Revolver, Hinder, Chevelle, Three Days Grace, Buckcherry, Breaking Benjamin)
*5/17/08 Stone Temple Pilots headlined Rock on the Range at Crew Stadium in Columbus, OH.
*5/22/08 Stone Temple Pilots at Charter One Pavilion in Chicago, IL
*8/16/10 Stone Temple Pilots with Cage the Elephant opening at Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI
*9/4/12 Stone Temple Pilots with Crash Kings opening at The Vic in Chicago, IL

**While I had planned to see them 7/22/00 at Rockfest at the Chicago Motor Speedway in Cicero, I missed their set because I was waiting in line to meet Metallica. 😀 I did however hear one of my fave songs, Interstate Love Song, through the fence. But, I don’t count this as a show I’ve seen.

While my fave STP album continues to be Core and I have a lot of fave songs (Wicked Garden, Dead and Bloated, Sex Type Thing, etc,) I also LOVE Crackerman. I don’t know what it is about that song, but I love it.


August 7, 2015

Countdown to my 17th and final Motley Crue show


April 5, 2015


Last week I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane by posting old photos leading up to what would be my 30th Buckcherry show, which was this past Saturday April 4. Overall, the night couldn’t have gone more perfectly. It was a GREAT show!! However, I got the shock of my life during the first song.

During Lit up, Keith was playing slide in front of me (yes, I was front row). After a quick stopping point in the song, he handed his glass slide to me.

Say what?

I thought to myself, “Did that really just happen?” After being stunned momentarily, I put it in my pocket and watched as he continued playing slide with another one.

Holy. Crap.

During the night, he also played his Mother of Pearl guitar, among others. Been a while since I’ve seen that one!

Anyway, I’m still speechless over Keith’s generosity. What an awesome surprise for my 30th Buckcherry show! Here’s to 30 more!!


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