Update: 2007

November 05, 2007
It’s been a long time since I’ve made any updates but I’ve got some good ones for ya! First up, concert pics!! Check out my 2007 concert schedule for The Black Crowes in Oct and Rose Hill Drive in Nov. I still need to add pics from my crazy hectic Summer! It’s next on the list, I swear.

I also added pumpkin, costume, and our spooky house pics from Halloween this year. Check those out here.

And last but not least, my friend Wit has another comic syndicated on-line! WOOHOO! Who would have ever thought woodland creatures could be so damn funny! Check out Pinkerton Park!


August 6, 2007
Like the X Games? BMX riding, roller blades or skate boarding? Check out the pics I took at the WI State Fair during the BMX Park demonstration!


July 28, 2007
First off, Happy Birthday Mom!!

Secondly, it’s been a while since I’ve posted any updates. In case you were wondering, why yes, I’ve been busy. But in a good way. Way more concerts than I ever could have imagined have been popping up right and left! Kind of crazy really. Once July is over, I will have been to 15 shows just in the month of July alone. Can you say INSANE!? It’s for sure not the norm for me. But, I have to say, I’ve seen some AMAZING performances from bands I have seen multiple times and new bands I have never seen.

Man I LOVE live music!

I will have concert reviews and picture updates soon!!

Until then, I hope everyone is having a rockin’ Summer. I know I am!


May 27, 2007
I added a couple reviews with pics. Rose Hill Drive and Rock on the Range. I also updated my concert list again for the year! Check it out here.

Lots of bands coming this Summer! WOOHOO!!


April 14 , 2007
Jess and I saw Beatallica last night in WI. Check out my review and pics from that show here.

Oh and if you have not gotten the new HELLYEAH disc WHAT THE HELL are you waiting for?! Get this NOW!


February 28, 2007
So, I thought I’d mention a weird little anniversary of mine for today. 10 years ago …I signed up for AOL. Yep, February 28, 1997! Man, where did the time go? Seems like it’s been a lot longer than that too. What’s even crazier? I am still using the same screen name from that first day! haha What can I say…some things don’t change with me! 😉

On a serious note, due to the internet and my love for music and various bands, I was able to connect with others who had the same interests that I did. This also lead to some pretty awesome friendships outside of the internet that are still going strong to this very day. 🙂

I guess…here’s to another 10 years! Aww man, do I have to get older???


February 24, 2007
Ok, Im on some sort of roll here. ANOTHER update? heh heh

In Dec 2006 I went to see Army of Anyone. Richard Patrick from Filter and the DeLeo brothers from STP are in a band together. You can read my review of the show and see my pics here.


February 19, 2007
Ok, despite many server problems this weekend, I finally managed to put up pics from the Nov 2006 and Jan 2007 Buckcherry shows. Yeah! You can for sure tell the difference between the pictures taken with my 35mm camera I had at the Nov ’06 show and the brand new digital camera I had for the Jan ’07. 🙂


Buckcherry – Nov 24, 2006
Buckcherry – Jan 23, 2007


February 12, 2007
As some of you may know, my good friend Wit has been drawing a comic strip for a couple years now. Well, in January 2007, he became syndicated on a popular comics website!! I am SO proud of where he’s at now with this strip. He’s really come a long way. Check out his strip 44 Union Avenue at the GoComics website. If you like it, you can sign up to have it emailed to you for free. Now how convenient is that? 😉

His comic strip has also been running in his hometown paper for about as long as he’s been drawing it. Apparently he’s the talk of the town because they recently wrote another GREAT article about him.

Hey Wit, if you’re reading this, send me my copy of the paper already! 😉

Oh and on a side note, I completed my 2006 concert list (39 total) and added my 2007 schedule. So far so good. *fingers crossed* some of my fave bands tour this year!


February 10, 2007
Holy Moly!

For anyone who stops by frequently, you may have noticed there have been no updates since June 2006. Well, you see, my computer died mid-August 2006. Around that time, that thing called life was really kickin’ in high gear and never let up until the end of the year so I never found the time or energy to purchase a new one. I finally bought a new computer this past January. YEAH!

So now…I’m back in business. Thanks again Charlene and Flynn with the website stuff!

I have LOTS of pictures and stories to share so the updates will be coming as soon as I can get them up. 🙂

Until then…

Oh, if you want a small glimpse into what I’ve been obsessed with since Nov 2005, click this.

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