Update: September 2, 2013

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Hard to believe, but I hit another major concert milestone.

On August 29, 30 & 31 I attended the Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary celebration. Those just so happened to be shows #699, #700 and #701 for me and let me tell you…I saw some awesome performances over those 3 days! Great times for sure!

Now while I still think it’s insane that I’ve been to 700 concerts since I attended my first show back in April 1986, I will say this….I go to shows for the love of music and to support the bands I like. I’ve seen some pretty amazing bands (although, I’ve also seen more than my fair share of crappy opening bands!), some pretty amazing performances and I have a ton of memories from these shows. I also need to add that I’ve met some pretty awesome people over the years.

Bottom line, music will forever be connected to my life and I can’t wait for my next show…which is never very far off!


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