Update: April 6, 2014

Currently listening to: Buckcherry – Time Bomb

Not too long ago I attended my *cough*22nd*cough* Buckcherry show (since 2001). It wasn’t just any show though as I was there to review the show for Unsung Melody as well as conduct an interview with Keith Nelson. I previously tried to coordinate an interview with him at last year’s Harley Davidson 110th anniversary but that didn’t work out. However, he mentioned he’d be down for one in the future…so here we are.

Needless to say, I had a great time interviewing one of my fave guitar players. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it as well. Oh and heads up…he gives a teeny tiny bit of info on not one, but two upcoming Buckcherry releases that I, for one, am VERY excited to hear for myself! Check out the interview here. Oh and while you’re there…be sure and read the show review.

Long live Rock ‘n Roll!

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