Buckcherry August 14 2001

Double Door ~ Chicago IL
August 14, 2001
(my birthday)

When my friend told me about this show I just couldn’t pass it up! We went, we were front row in front of Keith and we had a SUPER great time. Once again, they put on an extremely energetic show. The whole band gave 110%. I even snagged Keith’s sweaty set list.

Due to good luck or just good timing, when we left the venue the band was hanging out by the bus. I saw Devon first. He was very cool, funny and spoke with us for a little while. I had him sign both of my BC CD sleeves and took a picture. I caught a glimpse of Josh but then saw Keith and walked over to him first.

Devon and me

Keith was very nice and we talked to him for a while too. I told him how great of a guitar player he was and how great it was to meet him. We also commented on how he kept sweating on us all night. He replied with something like “Yeah, I saw that I was getting you guys wet and I was going to apologize but then I thought that is the price you pay for being up front.” haha I had him sign my CDs and take a picture. Yogi was nearby so we headed over to meet him.


Me and Keith


The songs are smeared from
Keith’s sweat. eww haha

I told Yogi how much I enjoyed the show had him sign my CDs and took a photo. He too was very nice.

Yogi and me

By the time I went to look for Josh he was gone. Just to be sure, I asked Devon and he said Josh was on the bus. Darnit! I knew I shouldn’t have waited. Oh well. Eventually, all the other band members left but then I had an idea. Maybe if I waited long enough…. And then sure enough, Devon came off the bus. As I was asking him if he would please take my CDs onto the bus to have Josh sign them he told me he was just going to ask me that. Now HOW COOL IS THAT?! So even though I didn’t get to meet Josh I still have his sig. Thanks again Devon!



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